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Stealth is a singer from Birmingham and is fresh on the scene with a great modern blues / soul vibe who has become some what of a viral star with his latest single ‘Judgment Day’, which has clocked up over a million plays already and is the latest song to be taken from his debut EP Intro. He has also co-written and featured on tracks with Roger Sanchez, Nitin Sawhney, Netsky, Metrk and Drumsound & Bassline Smith.

Therefore, having regrettably strayed from my usual music genre in my previous post, I was rather excited to be reviewing Stealth the hot new neo-soul artist bred from our very own.

Not only was I glad to be reviewing this up and coming act but also to be back at one of my favourite music venues, the Manchester Deaf Institute. This place is a hidden gem, quite literally if you are trying to find it for the first time. Your sat nav will assume you have entered the Bermuda Triangle whilst it sends you on a wild goose chase in the form of a figure of 8. My advice, find the Aquatic car park and walk from there.

The Manchester Deaf Institute is split over two floors. The first being a cosy little bar that has a lots of tables crammed in, yet despite this, with lighting by the means of fairy lights and candles they have managed to, along with their resident DJ, create a relaxing yet funky ambience. They also serve immense wings and Mexican street food, however my advice would be to not stuff these all into your face followed by downing a pint of cider within 15 minutes moments before you go to watch a gig, rather get there early and dive into the 15 chicken wings and enjoy every single one at your leisure. There literally is no excuse for not trying these unless you are vegetarian and even then I am only just about giving you a pass.

Upstairs is the quirky intimate setting where the artists play. This is a small venue but it doesn’t feel claustrophobic, well until you go to the toilet and experience sitting on the loo with your nose touching the door that is, but other than that it just feels like you are part of something. There are stairs / pews that scale upward from the back of the dance floor and the bar boasts a backdrop of speakers that would make anyone consider redecorating their lounge.


Stealth has a deep silky voice which, thankfully, doesn’t give in to the yanky tones that most artists seem to adopt these days and instead his voice is a welcome surprise as it booms out of his Zac Efron esq self. He genuinely makes it look effortless and it has a unique sound that the UK has been needing for sometime now. Stealth exudes moody edges, in fact I don’t think I have seen one photo of him smiling yet and he holds an air of depth within his videos. Performing live he gets lost in his lyrics which is captivating to watch, however, his cheeky chipper personality rolls out as he chats away between songs, having great interaction with the crowd from the off, chatting, joking and of course getting us to do the obligatory clapping which, despite my lack of love for clapping, was a refreshing experience to be apart of.



It seems that many artists lack in audience chatter or participation these days, leaving their fans to only connect through their music, which is all good and well when your fans are listening on Spotify, however, its important to go that extra mile to show your personality when performing live. I always come away a little disappointed when an artist fails epically in this quality and can make the artist seem arrogant – like for god sakes man all these people have come here to see you, the least you can do is say hello. So bonus points to you Stealth… do not ever change!

Judgement day is Stealth’s latest release from his EP Intro which featured on the US hit TV series Suits. Its clear that this is a great song within the first few bars and hearing it live was pretty damn awesome as the bass literally shook through me as the song began.

Stealth sings with such raw emotion and its clear he draws his inspiration from his personal emotional experiences as he gets transported whilst he belts the lyrics out.  Stealth really is a refreshing artist to watch and I really cannot wait to see what he does next. An artist that is on a path for big things and he will be selling out tours in no time. One to watch and certainly one to go and watch.


Talking Stealth…

If you had to give up music what would you do to be creative?

That’s a really difficult question. but then again, if I had to give it up for work, I could still take part as a hobby. Music means too much to me to be able to fully give it up. Even if I lost my voice I’d still write.

What’s the most rock star thing you have ever done?

Id love to say something really outlandish but I’m super boring! Im too broke to behave like a rockstar just at the moment!

 If you could duet with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Id have to say bill withers. He has been a musical inspiration to me since i was a little boy.

Who is currently on your ipod?

Its essentially New and old soul/Blues records! If you want to check out what I’ve been listening to I made playlist called Stealth’s Picks on my Spotify page.

Who was your inspiration that made you think, yeah I want to be a soul / blues singer?

Bill Withers was huge, his song writing and singing really blew me away, but others like Etta James, Howlin Wolf, Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye. I could go on for days!

Where did the name Stealth come from?

It was a nick name at Secondary School. I suppose it could have been worse!

What was the first record you ever bought?

It was Limp Biscuit’s – “Chocolate Star Fish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water” it didn’t go down well with my parents!

The Deaf Institute and the Ritz are two of my favourite venues, What is your favourite and why?

To play I would say Regents Park Open Air Theatre (Weather Permitting), I did a gig with Nitin Sawhneythere and it was truly spectacular, the sound, the setting its great!


What venue or festival would you love to perform at?

Its cliche but Glasto has to be up there. Would also love to play at Coachella. Burning Man would be incredible, but not sure if I’d do much performing!

Judgement day was featured on the hit tv series ‘Suits’. What would be your dream show to feature Stealth next?

Peaky Blinders would be great! as I’m a Brummy and its a show about Brummy’s.

If you could combine two super hero powers what would they be and why?

Time Travel and Flying. The ability to control your own destiny is something that most people in a creative industry would desire, and with time travel you could sort of do that and flying because who wouldn’t want to be able to fly!

Do you have any other projects you would like fans to know about?

Everything is Stealth right now. Looking at moving forward with more music this year, More gigs. and hopefully this wave of luck I’ve been riding continues moving!

Thanks Stealth keep up the good work!

Peace out


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