Nothing But Thieves and Young Guns gig

Live music makes me, and I am sure zillions of other people, happy and therefore the dawn of one live gig per month has landed.

On this new premise, I decided to look up the local music venues and spotted that there was a rock night on at the Live Rooms in Chester, Young Guns and Nothing But Thieves. I checked them out briefly and thought, yeah why not and roped my friend in, who was just as unaware as me, figuring the night would be what it would be and its always nice to have a little adventure after all.

The Live Rooms, conveniently located right next to Chester train station, is a relatively cozy venue. It has three bars, one which is away from the music, another in the main auditorium and the third up on the balcony. So plenty to chose from, however, as this was a 14 + gig the main bar in the auditorium was an alcohol free zone which meant anyone who enjoys a tipple whilst they are moshing were to not only be disappointed but also banished to the balcony area whilst the youngsters frenzied below. Alas, this gave a pretty good view and as I was once again out with the smurfette, all was not lost.

Buckle Tongue were first on, a local band from Ellesmere Port who were pretty confident on the stage and certainly managed to get the crowd good and warmed up for Nothing But Theives.

Nothing But Thieves are a young, five piece band from Southend who are currently bouncing onto the scene with Radio One well and truly having their commercial claws hooked into them.

Nothing But Thieves

Nothing But Thieves

If you haven’t heard any of their material yet you are sure to do so soon. They released ‘Ban all the Music’ at the start of this year. This is a great song and I am unsure how my ears didn’t prick up to this song sooner than when I started to dig around for information on this group. It has a slightly strange video but it features daper suits and converse – so whats not to love!?

They have recently re-released their single Itch which is taken from one of their earlier EPs. This it is getting a blasting over the airwaves right now and I can see why. I actually really like the dirty, gravelly vibrations of this song. Conor has a great ability of swinging from smokey husky tones through to angelic silky, yet still edgy, pitches giving him a very distinctive sound which comes through effortlessly.  Their cover of Holding out for a Hero highlights this perfectly and is well worth a listen.

The band have got great stage presence especially for a relatively new group. Conor throws out some great Jagger like moves and there is some very epic and energetic strumming from the guitarist and base players. In fact, since watching this gig, I have realised where I have been going wrong with all things ‘learning the guitar’. It has been duly noted that one should be bent over, from standing, whilst resting the guitar on ones foot. I am not sure I am there yet…but I will try anything once… some skills right there.

Conor Mason, Nothing But Thieves

Secret identity with Conor Mason, Nothing But Thieves


Meeting Nothing But Thieves outside just highlighted what a lovely bunch of lads they are. They all seem very grounded and Conor even humoured me with a random pose for the blog – keeping my identity at large of course!

The band really work together as a collective and with influences from Muse and Jeff Buckley, who I recently got introduced to the sounds of, I am looking forward to yet another British band smashing the UK scene. If you can get tickets to see these guys do, you will not be disappointed. Their album is out early August. Keep your ears peeled!




I had never heard of Young Guns before but I will certainly be looking out for them again. They are also a five piece band from Buckinghamshire and London. Gustav Wood is the lead singer and I can honestly say I have never seen someone so happy and energetic on stage, regardless of the lyrics, he had a big grin on his face as he pinged around the stage like a pinball in a perpetual loop. He was entertaining at the very least and whipped up the crowd into an electric state.

Young Guns


Young Guns have apparently been away for some time but are now back to hit the UK with their new album Ones and Zeros which is already available to pre-order on iTunes. They released the single ‘I want more’ earlier this year.

Both bands are certainly worth looking up, hooking your ears into and having a watch.

I am all for British rock bands and these are two that do us proud.

Peace out. \m/


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