Music my ears loved – March

So it has begun. A monthly round up of what my ear holes have mainly been listening to on repeat. This is by no means always new music but rather music I have stumbled upon and fallen in love with – so don’t be too surprised if you find something here you have listened too donkeys ago… don’t sweat it… some of us just like the classics.

So March….

1. William Fitzsimmons

This dude has been on my playlist for some time so I feel it is only right to give him first place. Mr Fitzsimmons is based in Illinois and is a very raw artist who plays from depths of his soul and takes acoustic to new levels for me.

Now we all know I do love a good beard and William sports a damn fine one but that is not why I love his music. I am a HUGE advocate for any artist that brings their experiences through into their creations and William Fitzsimmons does that in abundance.

His songs are an open book of all his heart break and I find myself time and time again re-visiting his album ‘The Sparrow and the Crow’. A collection of songs which guide you through the demise of his marriage. Having already written an album depicting the breakdown of his parents relationship you can’t help but go on a journey with this artist.

Each song is beautifully and honestly sang and his voice is so soft yet you hear and feel every single word as though he is singing them directly to you.

I wanted to add the whole album and found it impossible to get this just down to one song so I picked two, however this album, despite not being new, is worth a purchase.

‘I don’t feel it anymore’ features a female artist, Priscilla Ahn, who perfectly compliments Williams soft voice and finger picking. It is music for the ears and the heart.

Each time I hear ‘After Afterall’ I can’t help but hit the repeat button. This song speaks right to me, as am sure it will others, because the pain of wanting someone to not leave and for them to still love you is something most of us can relate to, however most of us are not so vocal or public about it. This I truly admire him for as that takes complete courage.

2 – Iron and Wine

Iron and Wine is an American singer called Samuel Beam, who is also a great advocate for beards! Where have they all come from – hurrah the cave man look.

Samuel, similar to William Fitzsimmons has a hushed soft singing style which really allows the guitar to be a strong feature in his music and as I love all things acoustic and folk like this artist really appeals to me.

Again so many albums, however, it would seem I have a running theme of going for the older releases and so to not break this ‘The Creek drank the cradle’ is the album that has been on repeat. This has a great collection of songs from ‘The Rooster Moans‘ with its country vibe to ‘Upward over the mountain‘ and the hushed tones and great finger picking in ‘An Angry blade‘. To be honest they are ALL good. However for me ‘Faded from the winter’ is the winner…. but only by a whisper.

3 – Greggory Alan Isakov

Greggory, originally from South Africa moved to the states when he was young and broke onto the music at the young age of 16. He is well traveled and this comes across in his music. He has some great up beat folk style songs. Again great albums but for me I tend to play ‘The Sea, The Gambler’. My favourite song from this would have to be ‘The Stable Song’, this reminds me of the great tones of Ryan Adams.

“I’ve always had this sense about music and writing, that I sort of have to do it. Like I’ll implode without it. I probably wouldn’t do it if I felt any other way.”

Greggory Alan Isakov, Biography


RHODES  is soon to release an album and has recently been getting plenty of air time on Radio 1 with his new song ‘Turning back around‘ which is a great song with one very weird, almost dizzy to watch, video.
However my favourite song of his is Breath. The simplistic music lets his angelic and high pitches shine and whenever I hear this song I feel like I can literally feel the notes in my chest as his voice wraps around my lungs and I literally – breath. He is certainly one to watch and I for one will be purchasing his album.

5 – Nordic Giants

With going to see the Nordic Giants next month they have been once again featuring on my playlist. A duo that hide behind the mask of their music. They have various EPs out opposed to albums but they have a good playlist on Spotify that is certainly worth checking out With a blog undoubtedly coming next month I will leave you with a snippet of the kind of music you can expect from this captivating band. I literally cannot wait to experience their new tour.

You can listen to the collection here.

Peace out


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