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Graffiti in Syney

I am a country bumpkin who has quite the eclectic taste in music from old school Dire Straits to modern day Royal Blood and to the relaxing zen of The XX. I am always on the hunt for new vibes and relish in finding bands that are not mainstream.

I absolutely couldn’t live without music, sod taking a piece of make up to a dessert island, for me I would need to have some way of listening to beats. I regularly go to gigs and festivals but I couldn’t go a day without listening to music. My passion for music extends beyond listening to it and I am currently learning to play guitar, once I master that I would like to start on piano.

I love to travel further than the realms of my locale, I think it would be very sad to let this life slip me by having not seen what the planet has to offer far and wide.

I have never written a blog before so I thought my two passions were a good a place to start as any, although I am sure there will be plenty of random posts thrown in for good measure.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Peace out.







“Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.” – Jessie Jackson

peace on earth


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